Choosing the right air conditioner for your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. A good aircon installation company will help you choose the best model to suit your needs, and they’ll handle all the technical details to ensure your new AC system is running properly.

Ductless air conditioning systems are quieter, easier to install hvac installers and more energy efficient than central air conditioners. They work by connecting the indoor air handling unit with the compressor and condenser unit outside. Licensed technicians will drill a hole through the wall to feed piping and power cables between the units, as well as run new electrical lines to support the new AC system.

A reputable installer will install hangers around the area where the piping runs to prevent it from pulling away from the wall or becoming disconnected. They’ll also install the air conditioner service valve in the wall and connect it to the evaporator coil. They’ll then test the system by pulling a vacuum and charging it with refrigerant.

Then, they’ll prepare the window by removing any curtains, storm windows or screens that may interfere with the operation of the AC. They’ll also wipe down the window frame and sash to remove any stains or signs of wood rot. If they can’t remove the window sash, they’ll attach a support bracket to transfer some of the AC’s weight away from the window.

Technicians will then mount the indoor unit to the wall using the mounting plate provided by the manufacturer. They’ll check that the plate is both horizontally and vertically level before screwing it to the wall with tapping screws. They’ll use a ladder to access the higher areas of the wall if necessary.

Once the mounting plate is in place, they’ll connect it to the piping and cable with metal straps. They’ll also use expanding polyurethane foam to seal the hole in the wall through which the piping and cable will pass. Then, they’ll connect the piping and power cables to the indoor unit, following the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual.

Finally, they’ll connect the thermostat and turn on the new air conditioning system. They’ll pull a vacuum on the air conditioning system to remove any contaminants and then charge it with refrigerant.

The most common mistakes technicians make when installing a window air conditioner include improper sizing, incorrect positioning and faulty wiring. These errors can cause the unit to malfunction or waste money by using too much energy. In addition, they can result in tripped breakers or blown fuses. To avoid these problems, technicians should ensure the window AC is on a separate circuit from other appliances that are used frequently. They should also avoid plugging more than one appliance into the same outlet, as this can cause power issues and even a fire.